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hozier has emerged from the woods

hozier has emerged from the woods


or at least that's where I imagine he's been for the past 4 years. i highly doubt anyone doesn't know who hozier is BUT if you don't he's the guy who sings take me to church. that song that was a bop FOUR YEARS AGO. that's the last time hozier released an album. he released one song in 2016 for the legend of tarzan soundtrack, but that's all we've gotten from the tree dwelling forest god (that's my mental image of him fyi) over the last 4 years.

finally, that streak is ending. a new album is almost complete, and a tour has been announced. (october 3rd. the fillmore. if anyone is interested in joining me) but that is not the point of this post. i wanted to talk about releasing content and the frequency of doing so

I watch a lot of youtube videos. like a lot. and a topic of conversation for a lot of youtubers is what kind of content should they make and how often should they release it. there's a fine balance between releasing crappy content too frequently and creating fantastic content every once in a while. 

this is a concept that is prevalent with pretty much any creative outlet. if your content is sub par, but you're posting daily, does that mean it's better? if you're releasing just-okay songs every other week or once a month, is that better than a quality album once a year? i personally don't believe so. for example, if hozier is releasing this album after 4 years because it took him that long to write the best album possible, then i accept that. I would rather be presented with quality content over quality.

But that's not to say everyone can go 4 years without putting things out, and still get a solid reaction. hozier can do it. one direction could do it. (please come back. i miss you 1d) but up and coming artists couldn't necessarily do that. if they release one song that gets some traction, they need to release things pretty frequently to maintain that traction.

with that being said, releasing more content isn't always the way to stay relevant, especially when you're new to the game. touring is huge. releasing merch is huge. simply being active and engaging on social media can get you somewhere. 

I feel that timing of releases is sooooo important, and i'm not a revolutionary for thinking this. timing is key in a successful launch of anything, be it merch, music, or a new project. if you release something when an artist of a higher caliber in the same niche as you releases something, you're hurting yourself. other artists' release dates are actual things to consider when releasing content of your own. planning shows, the same thing, if you're having a show in philly the same night as another artist, thats competition. like i said, i'm not revolutionary for thinking this. it's common knowledge.

i think hozier finally releasing new stuff and touring is huge. announcing it all at once is even bigger. i know for a fact that i'm going to buy a ticket to his philly show, before the album even comes out. i have that much faith that over the past 4 years being a tree dweller, he has come up with something magical. <3





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