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may 2018

good evening, everyone!

I hope that your first week of may has been great! I moved out of school this week and have been trying to keep up with work and school stuff (yes....homework.....in the summer...it's the worst thanks for asking), so it's been a lot, but i'm excited to be able to fully throw myself into this blog! I want to make it something that people enjoy reading, and I enjoy writing!

I thought that a great way to start out this month is to show you guys what I've been listening to! I've wanted to start doing this for a while now, so it's great that I now have an outlet to share it on, as well... I want to make monthly Spotify playlists. Innovative, I know...

here's the tracklist!

  • sorry (acoustic) - nothing but theives
  • HLB2 - woes
  • the breakup - lany
  • fears - twin wild
  • mutual interest - the weekend classic
  • melt - heyrocco
  • thought i told you - the academic
  • altruistic - mascots
  • slumber - layover
  • what we could have been - stages and stereos
  • do i still miss you? - upside down
  • someone else (acoustic) - say we can fly
  • dead and gone - state champs
  • 90210 - blackbear ft g-eazy
  • mine - bazzi
  • finally - mccafferty
  • home with you - madison beer
  • friends - marshmello & anne-marie
  • freaky friday - lil dicky & chris brown (i know i'm sorry but it's catchy i hate myself for it)
  • lovely - billie eilish & khalid
  • love lies - normani & khalid
  • no tears left to cry - ariana grande
  • one kiss - calvin harris & dua lipa
  • otw - khalid
  • ride like the wind - christopher cross
  • in between - can't swim

now, I understand that those songs take a sharp turn in genre around the very middle of the list. what had happened was that i was listening to my discover weekly and got the first half of the songs, the pop punk half, and then i browsed the today's top hits playlist and got the second half, the pop half.....this is my life

i don't really expect anyone but myself to listen to this playlist, but i like the idea of sharing what i've been listening to recently! it's like i have all of you in my car while i'm driving and we're listening to this mix together 

also, side note, i didn't want to put an entire album in this playlist buuuuut the Tiny Moving Parts album Swell that came out in January deserves some recognition. I'm late to the game, and i'm only at the game at all because my friend Mickey told me to listen to this album, so i did and my life is changed for the better. It's fantastic. if you're into super angsty punk music, much like myself, i highly recommend this one

that's all i've got for you guys this week! the entire playlist will be posted on spotify down below if any of these songs caught your eye... also! if you're in a band or know a band/artist that you want me to review, tell me!!!!! i've already got a few artists lined up in the coming weeks to do reviews for, and i'm so excited to tell you guys about them! 

thanks for reading & have a great week :)


bbma's 2018

bbma's 2018

finals are killing me RIP