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bbma's 2018

bbma's 2018

hello hello we are back at it again here on the most inconsistent blog!

it's time to talk about the billboard music awards. (which i just realized were the billboard awards and not the british something something awards. i am a fool)

now, here's a little disclaimer, i don't really like watching award shows. the commercials are obnoxious and the friendly conversational banter between award presenters really makes my head spin. hate it. 

if anything of substance is going to happen, it will be on twitter, in a nice 30 second clip. my favorite kind of media. i have no attention span. i like to read articles about who won and watch the performances on youtube without any commercials. thank you youtube red.

so here is my opinion based on that. here we go!

let's start with the fact that ed sheeran won way too many awards. don't get me wrong, i love ed sheeran. he's very talented and deserves all of his fame and recognition. however i don't think he's done anything recent enough to explain winning the awards that he did. he swept up top artist, top male artist, top hot 100 artist, top song sales artist, top radio songs artist, and top radio song for "shape of you". obviously, some of those are objective. such as top sales and top radio song, that's based on how his music did as a whole. idk. now that i'm typing this it's starting to make more sense as to why he won those awards. ed sheeran, i'm sorry i doubted you. carry on.

let's move on. live performances! new rules? dua lipa? kills me. she's so flawless.... looking iconic™ as ever. i think my favorite part was her sneakers tbh. she could've killed it in heels, but why! when you can be comfy and mobile in sneaks! love it. her vocals were spot on. i can't even hum and walk at the same time without getting winded, let alone singing perfectly and climbing up and down stairs, so i give her super mega props.

another artist that deserves those same props is normani. love lies with khalid was fantastic. i love khalid, but normani out-shined him x100000. her hair, her outfit, her dancing, her VOCALS. all so fantastic and mesmerizing. that duet was a god send and having them perform it live together was billboard just doing the lord's work. and i'm not even religious.

lastly, i want to touch on BTS winning an award AND performing. this is a different type of genre crossover. BTS is the k-pop boy band that you have all heard of, or have at least seen their faces all over twitter. k-pop, for as long as i can remember, has always been a niche genre. they had their fans and that was it, there really wasn't many casual fans. so the fact that they won the social award was not a shock to me, their following on all social media platforms is of a one direction caliber. but the fact that they were recognized on an american award show such as billboard is crazy. they have international success and they're part of a niche genre. so my statement i made a couple weeks ago about country music being too niche for the mainstream remains true. it might just be because country music isn't that good. but i digress. 

i never really jumped onto the k-pop train, but i respect what BTS is doing and i love their fans for it. i indirectly love k-pop now!

that's all. as always, message me if you want to talk about anything that i've said! leave me comments, email me, write me a letter, do whatever you want! i wanna talk to everyone. hope you all enjoyed my unwarranted opinion on things!!

thank you for reading. seriously. so much. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo meghan

hozier has emerged from the woods

hozier has emerged from the woods

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