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finals are killing me RIP

this image is an accurate description of the inside of my brain right now


i just wanted to come on here and formally apologize for the lack of content. it's the end of the semester and, as most of you know, it gets really hectic. i'm writing about a million final papers, packing up my entire apartment to move back home, and still going to work. it's a lot, and i'm not doing any more than any other college kid by any means, but it is what it is. however!! i'm here to tell you that there will be very very exciting content coming soon! this summer i plan on throwing myself into this website and truly making it the best it can be, and i hope you all stick around for that! i promise things will be great, just give me time to pass all of my classes. see you next week :)

may 2018

genre crossover - 4/10/18