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an obligatory introduction post


I'm Meghan, the sole owner and operator of this website you're currently on. I'll spare you all of the exciting personal background information about myself but, if you're dying to know about who I am, you can visit the about page.

I figured I should make an introductory post just explaining why I'm here and what exactly I'll be doing on my little corner of the internet, Meghan Bee.

I had initially created this blog, first and foremost, as a personal diary of sorts for all of my concert experiences. I go to several concerts and they are my favorite place to be in the entire world. I would love to be able to capture even a sliver of those moments so, combined with the copious amounts of pictures and videos i take at these events, I wanted to start writing about them. 

However, I have recently progressed into my senior year of college, which means senior projects are underway. I thought to myself, what could I do for this graduation-deciding-project? After thinking of several things that I most certainly did not want to do, I came back to here. This little website I created almost a year ago but did nothing with. So, I brushed the dust off and changed some things and viola, Meghan Bee has been resurrected.

On this site, you'll find reviews of newly released (and old releases but new to me!) albums, my take on current events that are occurring in the music & entertainment industry, and a sliver of my life adventures that I feel are worth documenting. Most notably, I'll be featuring one artist or band a month in a video series with a name that is still pending. (Oops.) 

If you'd like to hear what I've got to say, I'd love for you to stick around! I can't promise anything will be super exciting, but, who knows, maybe you have a secret love for early adulthood angst jam packed into a music blog that you didn't know about until now.


Movements - 4/2/18