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Photo by Jenn Jones


How old are you? 20

Where are you from? The greater Philadelphia area (aka the nice way of saying South Jersey)

Are you in school? What are you doing with your life? Yes! I'm a senior in college studying Music Business. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with that degree, but, for now, I'm doing this! Running this website! (It's my senior project) (BUT I actually do love this stuff)

Favorite music genre? I love anything alternative. Indie, alt rock, grunge, and (most importantly) pop punk! 

Do you do anything for like... fun? Or do you just spend all of your time on the internet? Great question, me-who-came-up-with-these-questions. I do spend a lot of time on the internet. I take online classes, I love watching YouTube videos, and I grew up in this century, so, naturally, I am going to spend time on the internet. However, I do enjoy some non-internet things. I love puppies, reading comic books, going to concerts, and I play the guitar! Plus, I can solve a Rubik's cube. That's not really a hobby, just something I like to brag about.

What's the deal with your URL? Well, my last name starts with a 'B', and at an old job, I had there were 2 people who worked there named Meghan. So, they called me 'Meg B'. (PS- I super dislike being called Meg by most people who aren't my family.) Anyway, it stuck and, even after the other Meghan had left the job, they still called me Meg B. Thus, came the first half of the inspiration. The second half is that I really like bees, they're important to our environment and I have a pretty big bee tattoo on my left bicep. So, when combined together, we get Meghan Bee. That's me.